Easily Integrate WordPress and Elementor Forms with Go High Level CRM

How to easily integrate WordPress + Elementor with Go High Level CRM.

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Go High Level CRM is a comprehensive customer relationship management platform designed for marketing agencies and businesses, offering tools for sales funnels, marketing automation, and client management. Integrating Go High Level with a website built using Elementor, a popular WordPress page builder, offers significant benefits. This integration streamlines lead management by automatically capturing form submissions directly into the CRM, allowing for efficient tracking and nurturing of leads. It also enhances the user experience on the website by enabling personalized interactions and automations based on user data, ultimately leading to improved conversion rates and customer engagement.

This guide will take you through the process of pulling WordPress form submission data into Go High Level CRM using Elementor Pro with a webhook. This integration will not only streamline your workflow but also ensure efficient data handling and enhance customer interaction. Let’s dive in!

Follow along on our YouTube for a detailed walkthrough:

Step-by-Step Integration Process

Setting Up Workflow Automation in Go High Level

In Go High Level, start by creating a new workflow automation using the “Inbound Webhook” trigger. Next, copy the webhook URL.

Screenshot showing the Go High Level Inbound Webhook Workflow Trigger.

Go to your WordPress website where you are using the Elementor Pro form widget to edit the form.

In the Elementor Pro form widget’s settings, add a new “Actions After Submit” by clicking the plus icon and selecting “Webhook” from the drop down menu, which will add the webhook option to the widget’s panels.

Click open the webhook panel, and paste in the URL you copied from the Go High Level workflow trigger. Click save.

Screenshot showing the Elementor Actions After Submit Webhook panel.

Mapping the Data Fields

To map the data fields, you are going to need to fill out a sample form submission on the front end of your WordPress website. Do that, then come back into Go High Level and click the button to “Fetch Sample Requests.”

This is going to open up the “Create/Update Contact” step, where you are going to map (basically, match) the data you want to bring in by making sure your Go High Level fields properly correspond with the Elementor fields.

In the first column, select “Full Name” (or whatever High Level field you are using for name; for example: first name, last name, etc.). In the second column, select “Inbound Webhook Trigger” for your custom value, and find whatever field you are using for the name in the corresponding Elementor form.

Repeat this process for email, phone number, etc., until you have properly mapped all of the fields you want brought into your Go High Level CRM.

Then, click “Save Action.” Add a contact tag or anything else that makes sense for your business (optional). In our case, as you’ll see in the YouTube video above, we add a tag we created called “WordPress leads.” In this way, we will be able to keep everything organized from within the CRM, since leads come in through various different sources (social media, email, PPC advertising, etc.).

Screenshot showing the Webhook Mapping with Elementor Fields.

Add a name to the workflow that will help you remember exactly what its for. Then save and publish the workflow.

Test the Workflow Again on the Front End of WordPress

The first sample form you submitted enabled you to fetch the sample data and correctly map the GHL and Elementor fields. Now, to assure that the workflow is properly configured and serves its purpose, you are going to perform one final test. Simply just fill out another sample form on the front end of your WordPress website. Then, go back into your Go High Level account, and open the “Contacts” tab. If the sample contact info appears as a new contact in your GHL CRM, you have correctly set up the workflow, and it will execute automatically any time a user submits a form on your website.

If you are using multiple forms on your website for different reasons, create additional workflows for each form.This guide aims to simplify the integration process. However, if you encounter any challenges or have questions, feel free to reach out for personalized assistance. Stay tuned for more insights on enhancing your business’s digital presence and efficiency.

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