Transforming Chromatic Fox Lash Studio’s Digital Presence for Enhanced Client Engagement and Bookings

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Table of Contents

Client Profile

Chromatic Fox Lash Studio provides the best eyelash extensions in Charleston, SC. With an array of services including eyebrow beautification and professional body waxing, the studio has carved a niche for itself, led by the talented and twice-awarded lash competition winner, Codi Lynn. Despite their local renown and superior service quality, Chromatic Fox faced a significant challenge: an outdated online presence that hindered potential growth and client engagement.

Codi Lynn, Owner of Chromatic Fox Lash Studio in Charleston, SC


  • Outdated Website: The pre-existing website lacked the modernity and functionality needed to attract and retain clients, failing to reflect the high-quality service Chromatic Fox is known for.
  • Inefficient Booking System: The reliance on an external booking system, Gloss Genius, detracted from the user experience by redirecting clients away from their website, resulting in a fragmented customer journey and limited branding opportunities.
  • Poor Local SEO: The lack of optimization for local search meant that Chromatic Fox was not reaching its full potential audience in Charleston and surrounding areas.
A Sample of Cod’s Amazing Lash Artistry in the Classic Eyelash Extensions Set


Salon Agility stepped in to revitalize Chromatic Fox Lash Studio’s digital footprint with a comprehensive suite of services tailored to the beauty and aesthetics industry’s unique demands. Our approach was multifaceted:

  • Custom WordPress Website: We crafted a bespoke website that not only mirrors the elegance and professionalism of Chromatic Fox Lash Studio but is also optimized for local SEO, ensuring they rank prominently in local search results.
  • Integrated Booking System: By embedding a new online scheduling platform directly on the website, we streamlined the booking process, allowing clients to easily schedule appointments without leaving the site. At the same time, we installed the booking system on a subdomain to streamline the scheduling process for clients who were ready to book the Studio’s lash and beauty services without visiting the primary site and discovering the brand. This not only improved user experience but also enhanced the studio’s control over branding and customer interactions.
  • Google Business Profile Integration: Linking the new website with Chromatic Fox’s Google Business Profile further boosted local visibility, making it easier for potential clients to find and book services directly from search results.


The transformation of Chromatic Fox Lash Studio’s online presence has been profound, with immediate and tangible benefits:

  • Enhanced User Experience: The new website and integrated booking system have significantly improved the client journey, making it more intuitive, seamless, and brand-cohesive.
  • Increased Bookings: The ease of scheduling appointments directly on the website has led to an uptick in bookings, with clients appreciating the streamlined process.
  • Improved Local Visibility: Optimizations for local search have elevated Chromatic Fox’s presence in search results, attracting more clients from Charleston and beyond.

Salon Agility’s comprehensive digital overhaul for Chromatic Fox Lash Studio exemplifies our commitment to empowering clients in the beauty and aesthetics industries with the tools and strategies needed for growth. By addressing and rectifying the studio’s digital pain points, we not only enhanced their operational efficiency but also opened avenues for increased market share and sales. Chromatic Fox Lash Studio now stands as a testament to the transformative power of targeted digital strategies in elevating businesses to new heights of success and client satisfaction.